Human Paleopsychology


MensNewsDaily Columns 2003-2006

Below are page links to the 14 paleopolitical columns I published at MensNewsDaily between the years 2003-2006.  These columns brought human paleopsychology to bear on a number of social and political issues of the day.  Column (13) was cited in one of Ann Coulter's biographies and was featured on her website following publication.  The "Politically Correct Psychosis" column (2) and many of the others have generated considerable interest.  I consider "paleopolitics" to be a major branch of human paleopsychology.  
            Kent G. Bailey.  The Roy Horn Tiger Attack: Feralization in Animals and Human Beings.  MND, November 8, 2003.
            Kent G. Bailey.  Politically Correct Psychosis, MND, November 17, 2003.
            Kent G. Bailey.  Social Chaos But No Help from Social Science.  MND, May 16, 2004
            Kent G. Bailey.  Descent into Darkness: Human Nature and the Abu Ghraib Fiasco (Part I).  MND, May 18, 2004.
            Kent G. Bailey.  Descent into Darkness: Abu Ghraib and thew Enlightenment View of Man (Part II).  MND, May 22, 2004.
            Kent G. Bailey.  Girly Girls and Girly Boys: The Ancestral Roots of Man-Think versus Fem-Think (Part I).  June 22, 2004.
            Kent G. Bailey.  Girly Girls and Girly Boys: The Effects of Fem-Think on the American Way of Life (Part II).  June 22, 2004.
            Kent G. Bailey.  Never So Few:  The Politics of True Liberalism (Part I).  MND, September 14, 2004.
            Kent G. Bailey.  Never So Few: The Liberal Ivory Tower versus the Street (Part II).  MND, September 14, 2004.
            Kent G. Bailey.  The Supreme Battle: The Cultural Captital of New York versus the United States of America.  MND, July7, 2005.
            Kent G. Bailey.  Return to Primitiveness in Attack on Theo van Gogh: Phylogenetic Regression, the Enlightenment of Man, and the                                               Hawk-Dove Distinction.  MND, July 16, 2005.
            Kent G. Bailey.  Termites at the Foundation: How the Intellectual Left Came to Rule Over America.  MND, June 1, 2006.
            Kent G. Bailey.  The Decline of the Warrior Male: Is Ann Coulter the Last of the "Real Men" on the Intelledtual Right?  MND, June 11,                                             2006.
            Kent G. Bailey.  Culture Warriors of the 21st Century: Geeks of the Left versus Warriors on the Right.  MND, July 15, 2006.
Study these pages and become a paleopsychologist!
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